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Everglades Holiday Park

Learn about the beautiful natural scenes all around Florida at the Everglades Holiday Park. Travel just out of Miramar, FL to see many beautiful animals and native creatures around the wetlands. The park is open all year round.

Take an airboat ride along the large wetlands space to see many animals in their native habitats. Look for alligators and various reptiles. Catch one of the live alligator shows at the main park site. Learn about conservation efforts in the region and how the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team based out of the park helps to find and rehabilitate these massive native creatures.

Enjoy fishing along the dedicated pier at the park in Miramar, Florida. Bring your reel and line to see how many bass fish you can catch. Challenge other people at one of the regular fishing tournaments held here.

Gear up for hunting season at the duck hunting area. This open space is open during the appropriate hunting season and has many places for cover to find all kinds of birds.

Spend the night at the park in the City of Miramar. The campgrounds have several large spaces for tents, grills and other important camping materials that you might bring with you.