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Edison Bridge

Observe the appealing layout of the Edison Bridge outside the City of Lehigh Acres. Named in honor of Thomas Edison, the bridge setup uses a distinct arrangement for traveling over the river near Lehigh Acres, FL. Travel along a bridge that is designed after the original model the true American icon himself dedicated while also being the first person to ever go over.

Notice how the two roads on the bridge veer off slightly on the southern end of the river. The two lanes meet up at the north and diverge on the south. This creates an appealing layout as they connect to different blocks in the region. Look at how the bridges are built as they are both practically identical to each other, creating a strong layout that adds a nice look all the way around.

Watch for the Burroughs Home and Gardens on the southbound road. To reach the start of the Tamiami Trail, take the northern bridge. Regardless of which one you take, enjoy the view of the Caloosahatchee River as you go along the road outside Lehigh Acres, Florida. This bridge is made with a great design with an outstanding look and a comfortable ride all the way through.