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Dobbins Air Reserve Base

Explore the modern day United States Air Force at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base right on the northern end of the City of Smyrna. This base is home to the 94th Airlift Wing.

Travel to the museum at the base in Smyrna, GA to learn about the history of the Air Force in the Atlanta area. Learn about how the base was used as a spot where many planes were built during World War II and was also where many pilots were trained during the Great War. See pictures and even replicas of a number of different planes that had been stations at the base over the years including a few planes that have been used by the United States Navy.

While many parts of the base in Smyrna, Georgia are not open to civilians, you can take a tour of many spots that actually are open to the public. You can travel along some of the different air fields and factories around the base. Watch as many planes take off and land throughout the day at the local observation deck. The base even hosts special events highlighting individual aircraft through the year although air shows are no longer held here.