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Dinosaur World

Bring the entire family out to Dinosaur World in Brandon, FL and learn all about these amazing creatures that existed millions of years ago. This park is one of three such Dinosaur World locations in the country. The park is home to more than a hundred life-size sculptures of various dinosaurs. Look for some of your favorite dinosaurs on display here.

Notice how distinct each dinosaur display is here in the City of Brandon. Each display is accentuated with various plants and other natural features to simulate the environments that different dinosaurs lived in. Go along the boardwalk paths at the museum to get a closer look at these exhibits.

Take the kids to the many fun activities at this museum in Brandon, Florida. Kids can buy full-size geodes and crack them open to see what is inside these distinct minerals. A boneyard that shows full-size dinosaur bone replicas is on site. A simulated excavation site is also on display to show visitors what the process of discovering dinosaur bones and fossils is like. There is even a koi pond for fish feeding that has been designed to resemble one of the unique bodies of water that dinosaurs would roam in.