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Deerfield Beach Island

Sail on over during the weekend to Deerfield Beach Island right in the middle of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Located near the Gulf Stream off of East Hillsboro Road, this island is a popular place that is only accessible on Saturdays or Sundays. A boat shuttle ships people to and from the island on those days. This is an attractive place that is known for its great native wildlife and some of the most pristine forested areas around the southern end of Florida.

Look for the beautifully preserved mangrove swamps. These attractive spaces are home to many beautiful plants and are ideal habitats for many local animals. The swamps are especially kept fresh and distinct thanks to how access to those spots in the City of Deerfield Beach is limited.

Walk along the various great nature trails in the area. Check out these beautiful trails and how they are arranged along the waterways. These give you the best possible views of the natural surroundings of Deerfield Beach, FL.

Visit the fishing pier and see what you can catch. A nearby spot on the mainland will provide you with great fishing equipment rentals so you can get out there in Deerfield Beach and see what you could find in the water.