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Deerfield Beach Arboretum

See an extensive number of trees on display all the way around the Deerfield Beach Arboretum. Walk along the paths of this nine-acre space in Deerfield Beach, Florida that is also known as the Tree Zoo.

See more than 300 different kinds of trees around the park. Many of them are found in individual spaces dedicated to specific types of trees. These include areas devoted to canopy and bamboo trees as well as a space for native trees. Look for the detailed flowering trees and experience their scents firsthand.

Take the kids to the Children’s Garden area here in the City of Deerfield Beach. Learn about the many beautiful plants in the area and how they are formed. After that, see the gardens dedicated to spices and herbs and see how they are formed and what it takes to grow and harvest them. Look for the tropical fruit trees in the region with many of them still producing a variety of foods.

Walk to the wetlands area at this park space in Deerfield Beach, FL and see how this distinct part of the Florida landscape is formed. The region is a full simulation of what wetlands are like as it includes a number of native plants and marsh spaces.