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DeBary Hall

Travel back in time as you visit DeBary Hall in the City of Deltona. This is a classic retreat building that was established for a champagne importer in 1871. Head to the house along the St. John’s River and see where people would have gone at the time for a number of fishing and hunting activities.

Be impressed by some of the innovative features that the home has. Unlike many other homes in Deltona, FL that were built around this time, the property has its own private elevator. Look for the massive 500-gallon tank around the top part of the home. This was used as a means of providing a full water supply to the entire building. See the swimming pool that features water that was pumped in from a local spring in the region.

Find the local mineral springs in the Deltona, Florida region. These carefully preserved areas are spots that water was taken from as a means of supporting the pool here.

Look at the technology used in the home including the wired call system used to organize communications. See where the carbonate gas generator was also found as a means of producing enough energy to keep the house operational.