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Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

Enjoy the beautiful gardens and see many amazing works of art at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, FL.  See the many carefully preserved spaces around the site which includes a portion of the home that was owned by the founder of the museum.

Walk your way along the three flower gardens around the space. Each of these gardens has been carefully preserved as each one follows the original layouts and setups that were established in the early twentieth century. See the England and Italian gardens and head up to the massive oak tree in the center of the area.

See hundreds of paintings in the Cummer collection in the City of Jacksonville. View the details of the porcelain sculptures and crafts in a wing dedicated to porcelain materials. More than 700 such pieces can be found in this space.

Tour the world by visiting various exhibits and wings dedicated to French, Scottish and Japanese art. The museum in Jacksonville, Florida features a collection of art from famed Scottish painter James McBey plus a wing dedicated to Eugene Savage’s art pieces relating to Seminole activities. Visit the library and review the many historic records of the city.