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Crystal River

Go up north from Spring Hill, FL to the Crystal River and enjoy a fine relaxing tri along the water. Rent a boat in the area or look for manatees as they migrate along the area towards the inland parts of Florida.

Look for the springs around the Crystal River. Many of them feed some of the larger inlets and bays along the river’s path including the King Bay next to the Gulf of Mexico. See how the water flows and how it stays relatively warm even as it leaves the main gulf area.

Take a boat along the river near Spring Hill, Florida and look for numerous intriguing spaces. See the archaeological park where regular discoveries relating to the prehistory of Florida are made. Observe the burial grounds and preserved bird habitats around the region. The areas where such birds can be found in are very appealing for how they include some interesting spots where they congregate in.

Come along during the winter season to see the manatees as they swim their way through the Crystal River. The region around the City of Spring Hill is known for being a place where manatees swim into during the winter season as a means of staying warm.