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Crews Lake Wilderness Park

See numerous wetlands around the Crews Lake Wilderness Park in Spring Hill, Florida. Walk along the hiking trails or boardwalk areas and see many of these wetlands up close. Spot the brush as it grows around the landscape and see the turtles, birds and other forms of wildlife that call the area home.

Enjoy some sports at one of the athletic fields around the region. Rent out one of the soccer or tennis fields and enjoy a nice game with friends. Bring the kids over to the playground filled with swings, slides and many other fun activities for them to enjoy.

Look for the base of the Pithlachascottee River as you travel around the park. The Spring Hill, FL park features a lake where the water for that river comes from.

Head to one of the bird observation stations. Such areas are popular for having wide open views of birds as they come along the region.

Enjoy a ride on the small railroad train. Train rides are available during the second Saturday of each month. Ride along the City of Spring Hill park and see many smaller spaces around the wetlands and see how the plants all around grow throughout the year.