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Coral Castle

See the many fascinating sculptures around the Coral Castle park. Look around the Homestead, Florida park to see various sculptures with many of them continuing to be developed to this day. This is one of the more popular spots in Homestead, FL as it has been profiled on a variety of television programs.

Look at how these beautiful structures are made out of many coral growths. These coral materials mostly come from limestone. Notice how many of the stones were carved with the earth’s gravity used as a key for getting different stones to move about and be easier to cut around.

See how the beautiful castle park was built over the years at this park in the City of Homestead. Look at the walkways, towers and walls all around. Check out the many functional pieces of furniture that fit in with the sculptures. Sit on the large throne inside the main building space. Watch for the Thirty-Ton Stone, a landmark spot with an intricate artistic arrangement.

Walk through the revolving gate that brings you into the castle. This tall gate is thick and sturdy and yet engineered to where anyone can easily push it to open up a spot.