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Cobb Theatre

Catch one of the newest movies at Town Brookhaven’s Cobb Theatre. This popular spot in Brookhaven, GA is a Cine’Bistro location. It is one of only a few such locations around the United States.

The Cobb Theatre is distinct for offering a full dining experience that is very enjoyable and refined. It is a place where people can enjoy fine quality meals while watching great movies.

Arrive at least thirty minutes before the movie to order a meal here in the City of Brookhaven and have it delivered to your theatre seat. A number of full tables are located in each screening room. These include a variety of sandwiches, salads and other fine entrees. The steak broiler also offers a number of fine top-quality meats that can be sent to your table as well. A variety of fine beer and drink specials are available as well.

Relax in a comfortable chair while watching your movie here in Brookhaven, Georgia. All the chairs are designed with comfortable bodies with tray tables on each one to hold your quality meal.

These are paired with many quality concessions that are available during the movie. These include all of your favorite traditional concessions that are prepared on site each day.