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Chattahoochee Nature Center

Get in touch with nature and learn about the many beautiful plants and animals of the southeast at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. This is a place in the City of Roswell that highlights the local plant and animal life.

Learn about the many birds and reptiles that are found in the region. See many of them at the animal rehabilitation center. It is here where many injured animals are cared for and treated so they can be released back into the wild.

Head to the nursery to see many local plants as they are being carefully grown. Observe how these plants can develop and how they can thrive in the local southeastern climate.

Bring the kids to the Camp Kingfisher club. This special program is heralded for providing kids with many fun activities and experiences where they can learn about animals, plants and other unique natural features. The camp is available during the summer although winter and spring break sessions are also available.

See many exhibits and displays at the many visitor’s center. A large theater that shows films relating to the development of nature in the region is on site. Information on preservation efforts in the region are also highlighted here.