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Central Broward Regional Park

Watch the amazing game of cricket in Plantation, FL at the Central Broward Regional Park. This large stadium was designed with cricket in mind although it does host many other special events. See how the game is run and how it tests numerous skills.

Watch the bowlers and hitters take the pitch during one of the numerous cricket matches held here throughout the year. The park in Plantation, Florida has hosted some international matches in the past where the world’s top national teams face off against one another.

See other spots at the regional park too. Take in a soccer match as the venue features many professional and collegiate soccer activities. Come during the spring to the MLS Combine, a training event at the park where numerous top-rated soccer stars come out to prove themselves before being drafted into the prominent soccer league.

Learn about Australian Rules football in the City of Plantation. See a professional Australia Rules football match featuring local players during the summer. Watch how the game is organized and how it incorporates elements of soccer and rugby into one of the more distinctive sports in the world. The venue in the round offers great seats from all angles.