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Butterfly World

Explore the amazing world of butterflies at Butterfly World just around the northeastern end of Tamarac, FL. Observe many butterflies in action in a number of tropical environments.

The Tamarac, Florida sanctuary is a massive house that hosts close to a hundred types of butterflies. There are around five thousand in total all over the place. Each butterfly has its own distinct pattern on its wings and can survive well in tropical climates.

See the butterflies as they move around tropical plants. Learn about how they develop and grow from being caterpillars at the on-site museum.

Travel to the lab where they are raised and studied. Notice the many stages that come with the development of a butterfly including how pupae are formed and what happens in the development process. Learn about efforts at the lab to repopulate various endangered butterfly species and how they can be brought back into the wild.

Look for hummingbirds around Butterfly World as well. These smaller birds can be seen harvested off of many small plants around the region.

See the Bug Zoo on site in the City of Tamarac. This part of Butterfly World highlights walking sticks, water bugs and many other exotic insects.