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Butterfly World

Explore the many forms of butterflies that are on display at Butterfly World near Plantation, FL. As the world’s largest butterfly park, it features more than 5,000 butterflies representing around 80 species. See how these butterflies develop and what makes them among the most beautiful creatures you will ever see.

Visit numerous indoor habitats around this large garden space around Plantation, Florida. See tropical environments and many dry climates where the butterflies that live in those areas adapt to their surroundings. Observe the immense details the wings of each butterfly on display. Their lines, dots and other special patterns are true works of art so bring your quick-acting camera to get clear shots of them all.

Visit the science center to learn about how butterflies develop and what they feed off of. See the models of butterflies as they grow and develop from caterpillars into the beautiful creatures we admire today.

Look for moths, beetles and spiders among many other insects. See how many types of birds you can find in the aviary section or view the massive Passion Flower vine plants in the City of Plantation. Notice the mix of green and purple tones along each of these large plants.