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Butterfly World

Discover the fascinating world of butterflies in the City of Deerfield Beach at one of the most distinct and unique parks around, Butterfly World. With around 5,000 butterflies representing close to a hundred species, it is the largest butterfly garden habitat in the world. It operates as a place to explore the world and beauty of butterflies as well a place of study for how such creatures develop and interact with one another.

Travel through many of the different habitats situated around the museum in Deerfield Beach, Florida. These habitats are prepared with a variety of different natural settings in mind. These include places with numerous flowering trees and plants that butterflies can be found around.

Head indoors into the display gallery to learn about how butterflies are formed. The displays show a number of features relating to how caterpillars are produced and how they evolve into butterflies over time.

Butterflies are not the only creatures profiled at this spot in Deerfield Beach, FL. Moths, beetles, water bugs and many other prominent insects are highlighted around the place. Visit the laboratory to learn about studies involving how these and many other insects are spawned and how their bodies function and move.