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Butterfly World

Many of us give little thought to butterflies, they are curious creatures that metamorph from one state to another, yet they are beautiful, unique and varied.  The staff at Butterfly World, however, take a view of preservation and enjoyment, creating a place where thousands flourish in an environment designed specifically for them.  Butterfly World resides quietly and elegantly near Boca Raton, FL.  When you enter the grounds, it is akin to walking into a dream world of color, beauty, and enchantment.  It is awash with the colors and sound of nature and the facility itself, boasts multiple 5-star reviews that pay homage to the facility and the flittering creatures it contains.  Butterfly World is the first park of its kind in the USA and houses approximately 5000 butterflies.

Butterfly World is as unique as the man who created it, Ronald Boender, who after retiring began creating an environment that nurtured butterflies.  This was his passion, and while it began in his home, it has grown to be a place that welcomes, not only butterflies but those who want to learn more about them.

Opening to the public in 1988, the unique facility has grown in popularity and expanded in area.  There is a vast free flight area where visitors can experience butterflies in an environment that is as close to real as possible.