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Buckingham Field

See the world of aviation up close at Buckingham Field on the southwestern end of Lehigh Acres, FL. Tour the building to learn about its use in World War II as a gunner training base. Look at various photos and historic documents that highlight the great value of the field to the aviation industry of the time. See how well these compare with the jets that come out of the airport today.

See how private aircraft come in and out of the airport during the day. Watch for different community planes around the region as well as numerous ones operated by local government groups. These include local mosquito control groups that patrol the area to find spaces that might be at risk of significant mosquito infestations. Look for a tour of a private aircraft function and ask about taking a ride of one of these to get a great view of the City of Lehigh Acres and other places in the region.

Check out some auto races around some of the unused ramps and runways. Various local race events are held at the field throughout the year. Talk with the field office to see when the next event will take place here in Lehigh Acres, Florida.