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Brian Piccolo Park

Enjoy fun sporting activities with your friends or family at the Brian Piccolo Park. Located just on the norther end of Miramar, FL, this park is named in honor of the late football star. It includes many fields on natural grass surfaces and a 2,000-seat stadium.

Rent out one of three soccer fields at the park. Each field is of a full regulation size so bring your side of eleven and a few substitutes for a full match.

Learn about the fun sport of cricket at the park. Watch a match at one of the two cricket grounds on site in the City of Miramar. Reserve a cricket ground and attend lessons on how to play cricket. Once you have learned how to play the game, bring your friends out to play a full match.

Bring your wheels out to the velodrome. This cycling track is fully banked and large enough for races between you and others. For more traditional sports enthusiasts, the two basketball courts at the park offer enough space for pickup games and regular tournament activities. Check the main park center to see what special tournaments or other activities are coming to the park in Miramar, Florida.