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Boynton Beach Mall

Enjoy shopping at the Boynton Beach Mall while in the Florida city. This shopping center in Boynton Beach, Florida is a single-floor mall with each anchor having two floors of space. Shop at one of the four main retail anchors or visit the lifestyle center. This particular center is home to a church although it also hosts a number of other community events throughout the year. Temporary shops may be found in the center as well including ones designed for service during certain holidays late in the year.

Travel to the movie theater at the end of the mall here in the City of Boynton Beach. With fourteen screens, there are plenty of spots where people can enjoy a variety of movies including all the latest new releases. The food court has numerous dining options ranging from quick bites to fun snacks plus fine fresh-made coffee.

Look for big events that come about during various holidays. The Boynton Beach Mall hosts a variety of Halloween and Christmas events. Charity events supported by various retailers and vendors at the mall are hosted throughout the year as well. The mall in Boynton Beach, FL also has thousands of parking spaces all around its entire perimeter.