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Blue Spring State Park

Look for manatees and many other marine mammals at the Blue Spring State Park. Located just around the outskirts of Deltona, FL, this is a park that is right off of the St. Johns River.

Feel the water at the park’s mineral spring. This is the largest such spring on the St. Johns River. The water is relatively warm throughout much of the year.

Come over to this part of the City of Deltona during the winter season. Look for manatees as they come out to migrate during the winter. The warm water of the spring makes this part of Deltona, Florida a popular place for them to congregate in. There are many viewing spots on the shoreline where you can get a closer look at the manatees from up above.

Tour the plantation-style home on the site and look for the spot where an attempted railway construction project was held at. The home features a number of old hunting materials on display. Look around the forest area to find many animals including black bears and raccoons.

Take a canoe ride down the river. The park has full rentals where you can find small boats for paddling along the beautiful waterways in the region.