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The Big Chicken

As you head along US Route 41 in the City of Marietta, you will come across one of the most appealing roadside attractions in the southeast. The Big Chicken is a unique landmark that stands out from the rest of the Marietta landscape. It is a piece of Americana that has become famous to locals.

Look up in the sky to see the strong detail of the Big Chicken. This Marietta, GA landmark is about 56 feet in height. It was built in the early 1960s as a decoration to promote a local chicken restaurant. Notice the bright red color of the bird as it matches up with a white and black eyeball and its open yellow beak. The design of the bird makes it a fun sight to see in Marietta, Georgia.

Today the Big Chicken is attached to a KFC restaurant. You can find many souvenirs at the restaurant dedicated to the Big Chicken including many shirts, magnets and other items displaying this fun attraction. It is so popular that many locals in Marietta often use it as a measuring point in terms of how far certain spots are or what directions you’d have to travel in when heading around the city.