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Big Cat Rescue

See many large felines at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary. Travel to the outskirts of Tampa, FL to see many amazing wild cats as they are rehabilitated and cared for. Many of these large cats are injured or have not been raised by their mothers and need the utmost care. A number of these cats are endangered.

Observe the most unique wild cats in the world at the Tampa, Florida sanctuary. Look for the Bengal tigers housed by the rescue group plus the ocelots, lions and leopards among many others. Some lesser known large cats like the binturong can be found here.

See the cats in simulated habitats including large desert and tropical habitats. Many of these habitats are among the largest in the City of Tampa as the entire rescue space covers around 67 acres of land for the animals to roam in.

Visit the hospital on site to see how such large cats are treated. Learn about how they monitor these animals and see what they do to help restore them to health. Explore how socialization strategies work to help bring these animals to where they can easily interact with others. The rescue focuses heavily on protecting these beautiful creatures.