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Athens Double-Barreled Cannon

Entertain yourself by taking a look at one of the more intriguing landmarks in Athens, GA. The Athens Double-Barreled Cannon is a distinctive landmark that displays a real cannon that was originally designed for use in combat but never saw action.

The Athens Double-Barreled Cannon was built during the Civil War. It was designed as a cannon that uses two barrels instead of one. This could allow the cannon to shoot two balls at once or in quick succession. However, the unit did not have a properly working firing device. Also, it was difficult for the two balls to go in the directions that they were supposed to go in.

Get a close look at this interesting marvel while in the City of Athens. The special cannon is the only such one in existence in the entire world. Notice how the muzzles are designed with an adjacent body while having enough space for two full-sized cannonballs.

Notice when looking at the cannon that the muzzles are pointing to the north from its location is Athens, Georgia. It is pointed in that direction as a gesture over how it was designed to fight against the North during the American Civil War.

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