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Aripeka Sandhills Preserve

Head up onto one of the dunes of the Aripeka Sandhills Preserve just around the southwestern end of Spring Hill, FL. Move up onto the dunes to see the Gulf of Mexico and many surrounding areas. The dunes are short and still easy to climb up for the best possible shots of everything the region has to offer.

Go downward at the preserve to one of the hardwood swamps. See how detailed the trees and other features around the swamps are. Many of the hardwood plants are thousands of years old and have adapted to the Central Florida climate.

Go through one of the large walking trails around the preserve and enjoy a nice ride on a bicycle. There are nearly 200 acres of space around the park so it should be easy to find great spaces for walking around the City of Spring Hill.

Watch as the waters around the lake in the Spring Hill, Florida preserve flow. The calm waters around the lake are untouched as it is difficult and possibly risky to get a boat out into the middle of the lake. The trees are also short enough to provide you with a clear look of the appealing skies around the region.