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Archibald Smith Plantation Home

Learn about the history of Roswell, Georgia at the Archibald Smith Plantation Home. This attractive Georgian home was built in 1845 and is available for tours. Head on a tour of this house in Roswell, GA and see how the home was critical to the development of the region and how it has been restored by many generations of the Smith family over the years.

Look at the many impressive Georgian architectural influences around the building. See how the columns at the front stand out while the classic design on the interior offers an intimate space for living that still feels open and vast.

Walk along the home in the City of Roswell and see many artifacts of pre-Civil War life. Notice many of the exquisite pieces of art, furniture and lighting in the area. Many of these items date back to the very creation of this house.

Head along the many additional properties around the outside part of the home. See the cookhouse, carriage house and barn as well as the old water well that is still functional. See where the smaller guest house was as well as the slave quarters where many workers were housed in before the Civil War.