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Antioch Mission Baptist Church

Tour the impressive site of the Antioch Mission Baptist Church in Miami Gardens, Florida. This is one of the largest churches in the country in that nearly 7,000 people attend masses here every week.

Tour the large body of the church and see how it is organized. Look around at the extensive stage and see how the seating arrangement works for the choir and other people involved with keeping a mass organized. Visit many important spaces where services are prepared at. Learn how the process for organizing a mass in the area for such a large populace is run.

Learn about the church’s history and its general mission. The inside part of the church building in the City of Miami Gardens includes many old photos and exhibits highlighting how the church has made a difference to people in Miami Gardens, FL. Explore more about how the Baptist faith is run and what makes it distinct among many other similar religious beliefs.

Look for different festivals and events held by the church throughout the year. These include many that focus on health living and eating. The annual family festival held here during the fall season is the most prominent event held around the church building.