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Working with the Moreira Team on my FHA loan was the best. We had a complicated situation, my fiancé and I, but from the first call to the last, this team allowed us to sleep at night stress free. They work like to true team, they all work so well together.
Sam Ayoade - five star testimonial Sam Ayoade Decatur, GA
Best choice I made. Everyone on this staff is excellent. I have to thank Al, Amanda and Kristin along with anyone I left out. The FHA process was smooth everyone helpful timely responses and best of all it was all about the client. The even referred me to an Awesome realtor Ryan Lewis with Keller Williams. Thank you everyone at Moreira Team for all your help.
Johan C. - five star testimonial Johan C. Cumming, GA
I closed my FHA with them last May. Since then I have dealt with 2 different lenders, and I needed to come back to review how easy and straight forward buying my home was with the Moreira team. You could actually get someone on the phone, and everyone I worked with was so friendly and quick to respond. Next home I purchase, I will definitely be using them again.
Andreea U. - five star testimonial Andreea U. Marietta, GA

What Makes Our FHA Loan BETTER?


Get a Better Deal.

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At MortgageRight, we have the ability to make sure you’re getting the best deal on the market. We’re a direct lender and we shop your loan with over 22 different lenders and banks to find you the best deal! This means you save money, get a better deal on your Georgia FHA loan and close on time. Close in as few as 17 days - with a low rate and a better payment


Easier Process, Faster Closing.

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When your new home is on the line, experience and speed matters. Mistakes and unnecessary delays could potentially cost you the home of your dreams. Our people are awarded and recognized industry experts and our industry-leading loan-closing process is designed to close you faster and smoother than anyone else. Get the keys to your new house in as little as 17 days!


Excellent Proactive Communication.

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We firmly believe in transparency and straight talk. We offer a high level of communication throughout the process through automated updates including live, email and text updates. You’ll be notified anytime there’s a change or an important update with your loan, and we are fully committed to being highly responsive to you and your agent.

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Can I Qualify for an FHA Loan?

As a direct lender, we have the most options to get you qualified, and qualifying is fast and easy thanks to our ‘Fast Approve’ process. Concerned about qualifying? Even if you’ve had some life events happen, we have special programs available to help get you into the home of your dreams. Click or call to see how fast and easy it is to get qualified.

How Much Down Payment Will I Need?

The attractive feature of an FHA loan is the minimal down payment requirement which allows you to get into a house for less. With as little as 3.5% down, you can move into your new home. This can also come in the form of a gift from a friend or relative. Click or call now to get pre-approved!

What Will My Payment Be?

When you click or call to get an instant quote from us, we’ll let you know right away what your payment will be and the price range where you should be shopping. As a direct lender, we’re able to provide you with more flexible payment options that are a better fit with your finances, so that you can have the lowest payment and afford more home.

Real Estate Investors Program!

Looking to buy an income-producing property? FHA investors option allows you to buy up to a 4-plex using the rent rolls to qualify!

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How Does the Process Work?

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    The first step is to get pre-approved for your home loan so that you’ll know what price range you should be looking based on the kind of payment you’re looking for. Your Realtor will also want to know that you’ve been pre-approved before showing you any houses.

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    Next comes the best part - now that you’re pre-approved, go find your dream home!

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    Once you do that, you’ll negotiate the price and terms together with your agent. If you don’t have an agent yet, click here to be connected with an agent who can help you find the best home and negotiate the best deal!

  • 4

    Once you have agreed on a price, you’ll sign a contract to buy the home.

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    Now the clock will start ticking. you’ll only have a specified amount of time to get your loan ready or your dream home could go back on the market. This is why our Fast-Pass Underwriting system is so important - it helps you beat the clock by putting you ahead of the process so missing your closing date isn’t a concern.

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    On average, home loans take about 30 days to close after the contract is signed. Our mortgage closing process takes 21 days on average. We will work quickly to finish getting your FHA loan ready to close, keeping you fully up to date along the way.

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    Once the paperwork is complete, we’ll schedule a closing where all the paperwork will be signed, and you’ll receive the keys to your new home!

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